seated reader _v2.jpg

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Oil on canvas,100x76cm garden _v2.jpg

The Garden
Oil on linen,76x102cm with sleeping cat.jpg

Figure with sleeping cat
Oil and pastel on canvas,100x76cm and Roses .jpg

Tea and Roses
Oil on linen,114x82cm that dream .jpg

Those that dream
Oil and pastel on linen,102x76cm Waiting Game .jpg

The Waiting Game
Oil on linen,76x60cm man.jpg

Praying man
Oil on linen,24x28cm .jpg

Oil on linen,36x46cm and Child in woods.jpg

Mother and Child
Oil on linen,60x50cm have I loved _v2.jpg

These have I loved
Oil on linen,45x35cm in a Sicilian landscape .jpg

Figures in a Sicilian landscape
Oil on linen,100x72cm

The Hand of Fate
Oil on linen,80x100cm but not forgotten.jpg

Gone but not forgotten
Oil on linen,80x100cm son .jpg

Departing son
Oil on linen,76x61cm

Oil on board,40x50cm beautiful Widow_v2.jpg

The beautiful Widow
Oil on paper,56x42cm of flowers.jpg

Man of flowers
Oil on board,40x50cm am only human_v2.jpg

I am only human
Oil on paper,56x42cm into the water.jpg

Looking into the water
Oil on paper,56x42cm Sculptor.jpg

The Sculptor
Oil on paper,56x42cm with boy .jpg

Boy with bird
Watercolour on paper,56x42cm

Sleeping figure
Oil on canvas,40x40cm have I loved .jpg

These have I loved
Oil on paper,56x42cm figure with fruit.jpg

Seated figure with fruit
Oil on linen,45x34cm memory alone .jpg

By memory alone
Oil on linen,76x60cm India .jpg

Memory of India
Oil on paper,40x30cm

Oil on paper,56x42cm figures .jpg

Two figures in a landscape
Oil on paper,30x20cm .jpg

Two figures
Oil on paper,56x42cm Waterfall .jpg

The Waterfall
Oil on paper,56x42cm